Kandidata Asia is proud to be the first distributor in Asia of the newly launched Pearman Personality Integrator.

In November 2015 MHS, the publisher behind the EQ-i 2.0, together with the authority on personality theory Professor Roger Pearman, launched the Pearman at a big HR conference in Los Angeles. It is now being introduced at professional conferences and fairs all over North America.

In January 2016 Kandidata Asia ran the first Pearman certification in Asia with participants from 8 different countries. The new tool was very well received by the participants regardless of their cultural background, which speaks to its versatility across cultures, something that is also proven by research.

The Pearman Personality Integrator is taking the MBTI to a completely new level by looking at both natural and demonstrated personality functions together with the agility, resilience and flexibility of the person.

We had several avid and very knowledgable MBTI users in the group and the similarities and the differences with the MBTI were discussed. The Pearman goes deeper with the addition of demonstrated personality factors (in comparison to what is natural, comfortable to a person) and the moderation of core personality factors with the aid of flexibility.

The Pearman can also be integrated with the EQ-i which makes it a uniquely comprehensive personality measure.

Measuring the core of the person, which is very stable over life, but also looking at how agile, resilient and flexible the person is, can give us new insights and an abundance of “coachable moments” – areas to discuss with a coaching client or a candidate for a certain position.

With the addition of the EQ-i we can help the person assess his/her Emotional Intelligence and understand his/her social emotional competence and how he can leverage those skills against his personality.

It nicely covers in a unique way the big issues of: “I am, I can and I do”