We are an internationally established human capital company that specializes in the selection, assessment and development of people.
With 20 years of global experience and over 10 years experience in Asia, we have helped hundreds of local and international companies – and thousands of individuals – use Emotional Intelligence as a strategy and solution for increased success.

About Emotional Intelligence

Based on the Future of Jobs Report (World Economic Forum) and an increasing number of other reports about the Workplace 2020, Emotional Intelligence is one of the Top 10 Skills. Why is it so important to develop Emotional Intelligence? How is the ability to control the way one feels supposed to be one of the most important assets when creating well-being as well as elevating business?

High-performers experience constant pressure, stress and the need to meet their own expectations merged with the challenge of leading their people effectively and elevating their business. This is not an easy task to deal with on a daily basis without burning out. Emotional intelligence is exactly what can help make this challenge easier.

Emotional Intelligence is of advantage in life as well as in business. Emotionally intelligent people simply are better at relating to themselves and others, which helps them grow their personal and professional relationships.

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