10 Ways Emotional Intelligence Skills Can Boost Business Results

In case you missed it.... 10 Ways Emotional Intelligence Skills Can Boost Business Results Professionals depend upon a range of skills to promote their success. Among them, emotional intelligence is an important asset that enables professionals to develop connections with clients and partners alike. Properly honed, emotional intelligence skills can significantly boost of an organization’s

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20 Tips for Leaders: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

We want to share this article with 20 ideas for leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence: There are no shortcuts to becoming an emotionally intelligent leader. It’s hard work. For individuals who didn’t start their insurance careers with EI competencies that they developed in school or in life, the process of building self-management skills or

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Building Emotional Intelligence Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Marc Brackett has shared so many useful insights in his numerous talks and his latest book "Permission to Feel". We want to share this article describing a practical approach to managing emotions, so they work for us: Dozens of times a week, we ask friends, family, and even strangers, “How are you?” Given this fact alone,

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5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Compels Us to be More Adaptable

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  ~ Charles Darwin ~ Unless you are living in a cave somewhere, you have noticed that the rate of change in the workplace is increasing exponentially. Technological changes are evolving rapidly.

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EQ — From Nice to have to a Core Capability for the Future

We have known for years how much EI matters. Have a look at recent data in this article written by our founder Dr. Margareta Sjolund: There is no question that companies and organizations can become more successful by measuring and developing the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of their leaders and employees. In fact, the World Economic Forum

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How To Be Mentally Tough Without Sacrificing Emotional Intelligence

A practical article on how to be mentally tough yet emotionally intelligent: You might think being mentally tough means ignoring your emotions. It’s actually the opposite. Mental toughness—the ability to be resilient and focus, make decisions, and function, even in the midst of challenging circumstances or adversity—is a coveted trait among leaders. Marines and Navy SEALS

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