Our Team and Network of Consultants

Dr Margareta Sjölund | Europe & Asia

Founder of Kandidata Asia & Chief Psychologist

Dr Margareta Sjölund, is an advisor to multiple blue-chip boards and an internationally recognised expert in the human resources field and a well-known public speaker. A pioneer in Emotional Intelligence, Dr Sjölund has worked with a large number of organisations in the US, Europe and Asia. She holds a Psychology Degree from Umeå University in Sweden, a BA in psychology from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is a licensed psychologist in Sweden.

Dr Sjölund has over twenty years experience in the U.S. as a psychologist, chief recruiter and HR consultant and is a regular speaker on the topic of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Asia and beyond.

Maria Amerstorfer | Singapore

Managing Director Kandidata Asia Pte Ltd & Lead Consultant

Maria has been working as a corporate coach, trainer and facilitator in Singapore since 1997. She holds a Master Degree in HRM, is a certified coach and one of the first certified user of the EQ-i in Singapore. Maria has conducted EQ training and coaching programs for hundreds of executives in A