EQ in Action: EQ Development & Other EQ Training Programs

The scope and the length of our programs varies from individual coaching to one or two day workshops and longer term interventions customized for a specific organization.

We customise our programs to meet the individual’s and organisation’s context and unique needs.

All programs include an individual EQ-assessment using the Workplace- or Leadership Report or a 360 version of the reports. Each person will receive an individual EQ-profile debrief coaching session.

All workshops are conducted using an interactive & experiential learning methodology. The participants will acquire practical skills & tools they can apply right away.

Our most in demand programs are:

  • The Emotionally Efffective Leader
  • Increase Your Impact & Influence Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Leading Change with Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ for Teachers or School Leaders
  • Develop a High EQ Team

Additional Services include:

  • Assessment for Recruitment Selection
  • Leadership Team Assessment

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EQ Development Programs

The Emotionally Efffective Leader: Harenessing the Power of Emotions for Greater Leadership Success

Understand the emotional dimension of leadership and how your mood matters at work. Learn EQ-strategies to increase personal capacity and resilience as well as strengthen your impact and interpersonal connections.

Sharpening your EQ Edge

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the range of skills that contribute to personal management and interpersonal relationships. Everyone has a measure of EQ. This programme helps each participant understand more deeply how EQ skills are applied in their lives. They will also be equipped with tools to apply EQ more effectively and intentionally.

Increase Your Impact & Influence Through Emotional Intelligence

People will forget what you say, People will forget what you do, People will never forget how you make them feel” (Maya Angelou).

This program focuses on using EQ to increase one’s impact and influence to achiever greater effectiveness and success at work.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

“What most affects the bottom line is the Leaders’ Mood” (HBR December 2001). We can all cite notable examples where dictatorial leadership has produced outstanding organisational results and returns. Yet the reality is that these are the exceptions than the rule.

Leadership is all about influence; increasingly it is about emotional influence, managing the emotional impact of change, inspiring morale and engagement as the means to profitability that define the truly successful leader of the 21st century.

Emotional Resilience

Managing the demands and challenges of the current business context requires higher stress tolerance and greater capacity than ever before. The Emotional Intelligence framework provides numerous tools and strategies to build one’s resilience and not only manage demand and challenges, but do so with greater ease and composure.

Leading Change with Emotional Intelligence

This program creates awareness of the importance of emotions and Emotional Intelligence in leading change. Participants will learn why logic often fails and how emotions can support or hinder the success of change implementations.

The participants will be equipped with skills and tools to develop key EQ competencies, which

  • enable them to better manage changes themselves and not be derailed by their emotions
  • support them to lead others through change
  • increase their positive influence on others during times of change.

EQ for Teachers or School Leaders

This program creates awareness of the significance of Emotional Intelligence at the teaching, academic success and in school-leadership. The participants will be equipped with skills and tools to develop 15 key EQ competencies and learn how these can make a difference to work and leadership success.

Develop a High EQ Team

A team’s emotional intelligence has a huge impact on the team’s performance and success. Using the TESI (Team Emotional & Social Intelligence) assessment the team can assess it’s current EQ-strengths and areas of development.

Please contact us for more details about these programs or to develop a customised EQ-development for your team or organisation.

Additional Services

Leadership Team Assessment

To provide a an assessment for both social and emotional leadership skills as well as cognitive skills of the leadership team.

Assessment for Recruitment Selection

We provide an objective competence assessment to

  • Identify the individual’s strengths and possible limitations in view of the position and organisational requirements
  • Obtain a second opinion related to the candidate’s suitability
  • Provide insights for candidate’s further development

We use sophisticated tools to give our clients evidence-based informatin to assess their candidates, including the EQ-i, WPT (Cognitive Intelligence) and Pearman Personality Integrator.