Kandidata Asia regularly works with schools to ensure that teachers are educated on the topic of EQ and have access to the right tools to help them perform at their best.
There are strong links between knowledge acquisition and social and emotional development. There is no contrast between the so-called “knowledge school” and training in social and emotional skills. On the contrary, they complement each other.

In a recent workshop we asked more than 100 current teachers and school leaders in one of our working groups to discuss the emotional abilities that they considered most important for a good teacher.

Here are the top responses:
Empathy, Optimism, Happiness, Stress Tolerance, Self, Flexibility, Problem Solving Ability and Interpersonal Relationships.

Of course, the EQ concept is important to the teaching profession and many of our teachers participating in the workshop had difficulty choosing among the 15 abilities that define EQ.

Many Asian schools are on the cutting edge and have already brought the EQ training on schedule while some high schools and universities do not even have it on their agenda.
If you are a teacher or leader at a school, isn’t it time that you reevaluated your school’s take on EQ?