It regularly strikes me how important and how accepted the concept of EQ has become – virtually anywhere in the world. As a small, export-and import-dependent country, Singapore has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. But optimism, confidence and the importance of developing its citizens remains high on the list. Bank managers who, in a brusque and insensitive manner sacked several hundred employees a while back were openly criticized in the newspapers and managers are encouraged to use their EQ skills to empathize with both employees and customers.

The public sector in Singapore is characterized by high skills and innovative thinking. The public sector is recruiting the most talented students and offer the highest wages. For what could be more important than running the country? So they reason that is where the country’s best talent is needed. Every employee in the public sector must invest a minimum of 100 hours per year on their skills and through their own internal university, Civil Service College, the government offers a wide range of courses and training.

EQi-2.0 LogoSince 2003 Kandidata Asia has offered a two-day course in EQ development called “EQ in Action”. We run 6-8 courses per year and the course is well attended and much appreciated. We have trained participants from the military, the Ministry of Education, principals and teachers, narcotics officers, judges and managers at various levels and from many different sectors. Participants all complete the EQi 2.0 test and their results because they may then make their personal development and action plans, discuss and practice how they will be able to develop the very skills that will make them more effective in their jobs.

And as I said, in hard times it becomes even more important that the leaders have self-awareness and understand how messages are communicated and perceived. If you’d like to participate in one of the “EQ in Action” courses, please contact us for more information!