I cannot believe that it is now almost 15 years since we started Kandidata Asia in Singapore. Ever since then we have relentlessly continued to develop our knowledge and experience on Emotional Intelligence in close cooperation with our clients, certified users and partners. EI and the tool EQi is now used in over 60 countries and we are proud to say that we were pioneers in Asia and that our accumulated experience is unique in the world. We are proud to continue to deliver high quality certifications in the use of the EQ-i2.0 i and EI consulting services reaching from recruitments to leader and team development.

Our Emotional IQ = EQ has moved from nice to have to necessary to have and 3 out of 4 western companies do today include EQ in their HR related services and more and more companies in Asia are following suite.

A recent publication from University of Maryland sums up the concept of Emotional IQ very nicely: