We are pleased to announce that the EQ-i2.0 Leadership 360 is now available. The Leadership report has proven itself to be an excellent tool for assessing and developing leaders and we have seen more and more companies using the Leadership Report for their top leaders. The four pillars of leadership: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight and Innovation have come through as the very backbone of leadership and in line with modern theories of leadership.

While the individual assessment is used as the foundation for the Leadership Report and identifies the level of leader´s emotional and social functioning based on his or her responses, the EQ 360  provides a more in-depth analysis by having those who work with the leaders provide information as well. When observer ratings are compared with the results of an EQ-i 2.0 self-report, a more complete 360 degree profile emerges.

The report is rich with leadership-specific information – including the option to compare your client’s results against other top leaders or against the risk for derailment.

This new report contains every page from the Leadership report combined with the EQ360 report to offer the single, most comprehensive view of an individual’s EI results through the four key dimensions of leadership. The report allows you to view your client’s scores through a leadership lens, as well as understand how others see your client as a leader. It gives you two options when generating an EQ360 Report: Workplace EQ360 Report, and Leadership EQ360 Report.

Please contact our office for more information.