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Training & Development

What? A range of training and coaching/development programs aimed at building awareness of EQ in general and about individual EQ strengths/weaknesses in particular. Programs include a comprehensive EQ-i assessment using the EQ-i 2.0. It is a way to provide training and support to accelerate development by identifying important needs early on and to help identify root causes of problems or blocks and provide a benchmark of skills.

Why?  EQ is widely known to play a critical part in performance in an organisation, yet many people dont know what it is and lack insight into their own strengths and weaknesses as well as what they can do about it. This course equips participants with an insight into what EQ is and why it is important for their organisations success. It also offers a profound insight into personal EQ capabilities. Participants develop a personal action plan to improve their own EQ skills.

Typical clients: Private and public sector organisations who recognize the importance of EQ and want a practical and hands-on program to help develop these skills in their teams. Participants have included a wide range of people from senior leaders to school principles to middle-managers.

Why Kandidata Asia? We pioneered the use of EQ assessments in development programs and have conducted several hundred EQ-development programs with well over one thousand participants from Singapore and other Asian countries since 2001. Course feedback is consistently positive and most of our clients continue with the programs for years.