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It has been a while since I wrote on the blog. It is not because we have been idel at Kandidata Asia – on the contrary – we have been very busy with building the company, servicing our clients on interesting, ongoing projects and to establish partnerships in several of the countries that we distribute the EQ-i2.0 to.

In June, MHS held a conference for all distributors in the world in Davos, Switzerland. Kandidata Asia was the only company in Asia that particpated and Maria Amerstorfer and I felt proud that we were  the very first to introduce Emotional Intelligence and the EQ-i to Europe in 1998 and to Asia two years later. We have built up a wealth of professional experience and knowledge based on Emotional Intelligence and the EQ-i2.0 in Singapore and

throughout Asia.

The EQ-i 2.0 was the first and still is the most established and best researched EQ instrument on the market and is used all over the world. There is actually only one country in the world that has not (yet) used the EQ-i2.0. Can you guess which country that is? Greenland!

We were also pleased to hear about the many large and prestigious companies in North America that has choosen the EQ-i2.0 as their preferred tool in recruitments and for their leadership development.

GE, Air Canada and Google are just some of many examples.

In order to become a user of the EQ-i2.0 and to incorporate the tool into management planning and development you need to be certified. We are happy to offer 6 different certification opportunities in 6 different cities in the Fall.  Please find the schedule below.

The certifications will be held by Maria Amerstorfer in Singapore and by our Training Partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and China. In my next blog I will introduce our Training Partners.

Please contact info@kandidataasia for more information.

Certification Schedule 2014

Singapore: Trainer: Maria Amerstorfer

29 & 30 September, 2014

Manila: Trainer: Lisa Hope Tilstra

1 & 2 October,  2014

Kuala Lumpur: Trainer: Alex Tan

5 & 6 November 2014

Jakarta: Trainer: Andreas Marta

13 & 14 November 2014

Beijing: Trainer: Ronghua Sui

19 & 20 November 2014

Shanghai: Trainer: Ronghua Sui

26 & 27 November 2014