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Number of respondents from each country included in the Global Norm 

The world is indeed becoming ”flat” and the growth of globalization requires interaction between and among peole and organizations on a different level than just 10 years ago.

As the evidence of the importance of Emotional Intelligence in organizations contiues to grow so does the the international use of the EQi 2.0 and organizations are increasingly using assessments and training across multi-national domains. Kandidata Asia is an international company and our clients operate in many countries in both Asia and in Europe. The development of Global EQi2.0 norms have been on our wish list for many years and we are very pleased that we now are able to offer global norms to our EQi2.0 users.

The old norms were developed based on a multicultural sample and can certainly still be used, but if you work with international organizations you might consider using the Global norms instead.

Traditionally, norms are used to to score client data against individuals in their respective country but with the globalization and collaboration across borders, local norms are no longer sufficient.

Global norms, that is the option to score the EQi2.0 against  all regions of the globe, allow for individuals and organizations to compare performance on a global level.

Organizations looking to develop new international markets can now look to the EQi2.0 to help select, relocate, or develop leaders from new regions  and to improve the understanding of regional performance.

The following are some scenarios where we see the usefulness of Global Norms.

  • International Companies want to compare leaders from different cultures and countries
  • Select High-performing individuals across regional boundaries for advancement
  • Hire individuals from one region to work in another
  • Facilitate change management when comparing employees across organizations during international mergers
  • Benchmark scores across international organizations for comparisons and workshop facilitations

The development of the Global Norm was done on a solid foundation of research and with the scientific rigor which is the hallmark of the EQi2.0. Data were collected from 10.000 individuals across five world regions (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania) and the validity for the use of the EQi2.0 in a global context was clearly confirmed.

We are very pleased to offer all our clients who work with international companies the option of using the Global Norm.

For more information on how to use the Global Norm please contact info@kandidataasia.com

( adapted from the EQi2.0 Manual )