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Emotional Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in organizations today around the world. How you behave, what you say and how you say it -in combination with your body language- sends a clear signal on how you are as a person and how successful you are going to be in both your private and professional life.

Historically, people did what they were told under the old authoritarian model, but we are seeing less and less of that. People entering the workforce today are not going to abide by that – or embrace an authoritarian leader – no matter if they’re from Germany, America or China. A study in China found that close to 90% of the leaders who participated in a survey said they are interested in learning more about EQ. (personal communication) They seem to recognize something is lacking from their toolbox, but they don’t know quite what it is.

Emotional Intelligence is intrinsically related to other people and the way business is changing. The advent and growth of globalization requires interaction between and among people and companies on a different level than just 10 years ago. EI provides that critical information about how to navigate internally with leaders and employees, and externally with other organizations.

The good news is that while IQ and our personalities are pretty much intact and do not change much over life, EQ skills can be improved –we can all practice and get better and adapt better to the situation we are in –be it at a new job or in a new social context –or at home. But we need to practice and  to do that under the guidance of an experienced and credential trainer.

At Kandidata Asia we have run our EQ in Action workshops for over 10 years for both the public and the private sector. We call the workshops “EQ – The Key to Leading Performance” and particularly in the public sector they are so popular that we have a constant queue of people who want to participate.

In my next blog I will describe our program and hope that it will give you some insights and ideas on how to run an EQ training program