After more than 13 years of working with EQ in Asia and 2 years with our web page we felt it was time to do some updates. So, we have updated our web page to make it easier to navigate and to find the information you are looking for. We have also updated our presence on Linkedin , Facebook and Twitter so you will see more activity from Kandidata Asia on the internet.

We are very excited about the work that we are doing across Asia; Certification trainings in the use of the EQi2.0, Assessing high potentials for career advancements, Helping companies to select the best and Working with leaders and teams on improving their emotional intelligence.

We have partnered up with a number of organizations that want to change their company culture into a more modern and inclusive way using the concept of Emotional Intelligence as platform.

We are also honored to work with school systems on improving emotional intelligence for their school leaders, teachers and students.  Very, very exciting work !!

After almost 20 years of first becoming aware of Emotional intelligence and having worked with the EQi as a tool since it was first published in 1997, I am still passionate and fascinated with the change that EI can make in the lives of both individuals and organizations.

We are excited about sharing this experience and hopefully give you some good ideas on how Emotional Intelligence can be applied in different settings to enhance both performance and quality of life.

I will share and write on these topics and the ongoing work that we are doing at Kandidata Asia all across Asia. I also invite you to become active and share with us and our EQ community what you are doing. There is so much interesting and valuable work going on in all corners of the world.

Come, sign up for my blog and become a part of our ever growing EQ community.

You are warmly Welcomed!