The good news is that the key skills that determine the attitudes and behaviors that are so vital for high performance can be learned and improved. Those who have it can improve and those who don’t have it can develop the skills. Many studies where these skills have been measured before and after a training program show that people can indeed improve.

The study from the Conference Board´s Research Report shows that one of the main challenges for most companies is to develop and run effective Leadership Development and Training programs.

An effective program should focus on the specific skills that are needed and lead to high performance in the organization and help individuals to develop and use these skills in a sustainable way.

Over the years a wide body of independent research have shown that Emotional Intelligence is the one most important predictor of success for individuals and for organizations. Increasing Emotional Intelligence makes individuals more efficient, productive, and successful.

When managers understand the EI skills of their teams, they become more aware of the team strengths and weaknesses and can make better decisions about how work is done.

So with that follows that an effective program needs to address Social Emotional skills and often very specific skills that are crucial for success in that particular organization.

Kandidata Asia has run such programs for both the private and the public sector for the last 10 years and we see that the demand is growing as more and more organizations are becoming aware of the importance of and the challenge with hiring and developing the best people.

But it is nothing for the faint hearted –to develop and to use Social Emotional skills in the everyday interaction with subordinates, customers and colleagues takes bravery.

Leaders need to look at themselves – they need to develop their self-awareness. They need to ask themselves questions like; How do I come across? How am I being seen? How do I affect other people? Am I willing to hire people who will be better than me? People who will state their own opinions and who will ask and challenge me. How can I connect with my employees and how can I become an effective coach with the ability to give effective and honest feedback to my people?

The leaders who have the courage to address these questions that go to the core of the individual, will be the winners and the ones who’s organization’s will attract and retain the best people.