Although more rarely these days, I still get the question:  “How can I make my clients from very result driven technical companies, buy into EI? How can I show them that soft skills are important for performance and that it drives results?”

The given answer is that there is nothing soft about soft skills today – they have become very hard. It´s what makes us who we are and it is those soft skills that separate the great from the good. You simply need these soft skills to be successful!

In my experience, when managers are asked where they spend the majority of their time, most of them will answer: “Dealing with people problems”.

Teamwork, communication and effective project teams where people are encouraged to thrive and the projects are completed ahead of schedule and within the budget is vital for all companies.

By addressing these people issues, organizations can change, become less problematic and add more to their bottom lines. That is happening all over the world in all kinds of industries.

Brent Darnell, my colleague and friend has written widely and consistently on the topic of Soft Skills for Tough Guys.

Brent´s books are very readable for all of us interested in EI but maybe particularly so for those of you who work with “tough guys”.

I recommend Brent´s easy to read books:

  • The People-Profit Connection –How Emotional Intelligence Can Maximize People Skills and Maximize Your profits.
  • Relationship Skills for Tough Guys
  • Stress Management, Time Management, and Life Balance for Tough Guys: Creating Success on Your Terms
  • The Tough Guy Survival Kit
  • Communication and Presentation Skills for Tough Guys