For us who work in Asia, the lack of of good EQ books translated into different languages have been a real problem. We are constantly working on trying to raise EQ awareness and acceptance and while people and many organizations in Asia have heard about Emotional Intelligence, very few actually know much about the business applications and that EQ can be measured and developed.

Harvey Deutschendorf has written a wonderfully informative and practical book on Emotional Intelligence that has been translated from English into Vietnamese and Arabic and a Chinese translation will be published soon.

The book, The Other Kind of Smart, is easy to read and uses every day stories and practical examples on how EQ can be developed. The book has its foundation in the EQi and the author goes through every EQi competency and discusses what a particular EQ competence means and how it can be developed. The book is a treasure trove and together with the EQi tool it can be very helpful for those who work with Emotional Intelligence in training, coaching and development.