To be greeted, noticed and well taken care of gives you a nice feeling. After staying a few days at the New World Hotel in Manila I am thoroughly impressed with how the staff at this hotel treats the guests. Guests are greeted with a smile and any question is answered with genuine helpfulness and good information which makes me feel welcome and listen to.

Good customer Service is not just nice in itself but something that pays off!

Studies show that the return on Customer Service is huge. Customers who rated the customer service as excellent at a big bank purchased 58 % more services from the bank than did the customers who rated the service as low.

So companies that invest in training their staff in customer service can expect a good return on their investment. And as service is a feeling, staff needs to be trained in understanding and managing their social , emotional feelings and skills. They need training in Emotional Intelligence!

I will definitely come back to the New World Hotel in Manila. Actually I have already made reservations at the New World Hotel in Shanghai where I am heading in March.