New Study: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Driving ROI and Organizational Performance

The corporate world has long recognized that the greatest and most effective leaders offer more than traditional intelligence, good education and relevant experience.

Indeed, countless “smart” leaders have fallen from grace in recent years, during a time when maintaining composure and keeping emotional reactions in check has never been more important and publicized.

Kandidata found in a study on Executive Derailment that 8 out of 9 reasons that leaders fail are due to lack of Emotional Intelligence.

HCI (Human Capital Institute) and MHS (Multi Health Systems) in cooperation with among others, Dr. Steve Stein from MHS and Dr. Margareta Sjolund from Kandidata Asia, conducted a survey in the Spring of 2013 to address the usefulness and application of Emotional Intelligence as a factor in developing leaders, shaping organizational culture and ultimately impacting an organization’s financial performance. The study was global and more than 500 organizations worldwide participated.

Among the Key findings they found that:

  • Leadership development efforts need immediate improvement
  • Spending more on leadership development results in higher revenue
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments are a cost effective and a very effective way to impact leadership development
  • Emotional intelligence remains an untapped resource for nearly 1 in 3 organizations.
  • Incorporating Emotional Intelligence as a part of leadership coaching supports higher performance
  • Using assessments to track or measure Emotional Intelligence helps support positive revenue growth rates.

Kandidata Asia is proud to be the most qualified and experienced EQ assessment and training company in Asia and we look forward to continue raising the awareness of the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Asia.

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