I have spent the last 5 weeks traveling in Asia. The scope and breadth of the projects that Kandidata Asia is running is quite amazing and it goes to show how versatile and how fundamental Emotional Intelligence is and how it affects different parts of our lives. The following are examples of ongoing projects and I hope it can be an inspiration and give you some ideas on how Emotional Intelligence can be a part of an HR portfolio.

Cultural Transformation

A large conglomerate wants to align their company values, vision and mission with EQ in order to create a high performing organization. Assessment and development of EQ skills will be the core of their leadership development efforts and aligned with their performance management systems. The program is being rolled out from top to bottom. Assessments, debriefs, group training and coaching are the cornerstones of the program in close collaboration with the top management.

Creating an EQ Competent Organization

A technical company wants their staff to be not only technically competent, but also EQ competent. The emphasis is on improved teamwork, better customer relations and personal development for their leaders. Assessments, debriefs, management training and coaching and the EQ in Action program are cornerstones. The company is also developing star profiles of their top performers, which will serve as a guide for recruitments and future training.

EQ in Action – Sharpen Your EQ Edge

This 2-day program, which Kandidata Asia has run in Singapore for almost ten years, is now being rolled out to other countries in the region.  A high quality and well proven program that focuses on the practical application and training of EQ skills. Each participant is assessed and gets personal feedback and develops his/her own individual development and action plan.

Leadership Development

With focus on personal and professional development aligned with company values and objectives. The EQi2.0 Leadership report and EQi 360 are cornerstones and as one participant said – a blue print for leadership success.

Education – Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no Education at all (Aristotle)

The education in many Asian countries is often entirely focused on academic performance. Children (and parents) are under tremendous pressure to get into the right stream and the best schools. While academic performance certainly is important so is the development of social emotional skills in childhood and young age. It is hard to, later in life, make up for the lack of relationship skills, independence, assertiveness, empathy and other skills that should have been developed during the early years. Some School systems and individual schools are taking this very seriously and partnering with Kandidata Asia, large studies are being rolled out to better understand and find ways to incorporate social emotional skills into the curriculum.