We are excited to inform you that Dr. Steven Stein, founder and CEO of MHS, has written a new book, The EQ Leader: Instilling passion, creating shared goals, and building meaningful organizations through emotional intelligence.  Leaders around the globe will want to get a copy of this brand new resource.  Dr. Stein writes with over 20 years of Emotional Intelligence research guiding him as he uncovers the new signature characteristic essential for tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition to covering the skills of emotional intelligence that are crucial for leaders, Dr. Stein also shares “the four pillars of successful leadership.”  Through this developmental model, leaders see the importance of authentically inspiring and motivating others, supporting their employee’s needs and development, communicating with purpose, meaning, and vision, and fostering ingenuity, imagination, and autonomous thinking.

Leaders with these characteristics will stand out among their colleagues and provide organizations with the focus needed to grow and excel in the 21st century.

The EQ Leader is an excellent resource to partner with the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report. It can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.