Philippine people are the most likely in the world to experience emotions on a daily basis. This was recently reported by Gallup in a study that measures daily emotions in more than 150 countries by asking people whether they experienced five positive and five negative emotions the previous day. We know that behavioral indicators such as positive and negative emotions are a vital measure of a society´s well being.

Leaders around the world are starting to look at such behavioral-based indicators when they evaluate where to expand their business and into assessment practices when they hire people for their companies.

We are proud that Kandidata Asia is one of the very first companies worldwide to incorporate  behavioral key factors like Emotional Intelligence into our assessments and development programs. We have always “known” that this was the right way to go but now we have the metrics to prove it!

To express and to handle our emotions in an effective and  productive way plays a big role in how we perform. And what better place to start expanding our tools and services than in the Philippines!