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The Pearman Personality Integrator™ (Pearman™) is a scientifically validated assessment that generates over 1,000,000 profiles of personality type. Working with your client, you are able to examine personality as a relationship between behaviors that come naturally and those that are demonstrated in work, home and social environments.

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The Pearman Personality Integrator marks the end of personality stereotypes with its capacity to generate over 1,000,000 unique personality type profiles. The Pearman provides a measure of personality that gauges one’s natural state (i.e., what is most comfortable) and one’s everyday environment (i.e., what is most often demonstrated). Relationships between natural and demonstrated personality types are explored. Further insight is provided by assessing an individual’s flexibility, agility, and resilience using the Pearman FlexIndex™.

Figure 2: Pearman FlexIndex

The Pearman model of personality type is composed of two parts: (I) Pearman Personality (Figure 1), and (II) Pearman FlexIndex (Figure 2). This model integrates personality with psychological flexibility and agility skills relevant to workplace success, leadership, academic success, relationships, conflict resolution, and other domains of functioning.

The Pearman Personality component assesses an individual’s personality patterns according to personality type theory, using Jung’s work on the eight mental functions (i.e., how one interacts with the external and internal world combined with how one takes in information and makes decisions) as the key basis for understanding an individual’s personality type.

Figure 1: Pearman Personality

Figure 1: Pearman Personality

The Pearman FlexIndex component assesses the skills and abilities needed to function effectively within and outside of an individual’s personality. Shaped by specific contexts (e.g., workplace or leadership), the Pearman provides actionable information and specific development strategies for the client to develop their flexibility. The coach receives a wealth of information in order to ensure development efforts are efficient and consequential.

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Kandidata Asia is proud to have been the first in Asia to conduct the certification of the Pearman Personality Integrator in January 2016 in Singapore. The next certification course is on 5 & 6 September 2016.

What makes the Pearman different from other personality profiling tools? It offers:

  • More personality
  • More flexibility
  • More freedom
  • More insight
  • More coachable moments
  • More applications
  • More science
  • More integration

 What makes it unique? The Pearman Personality Integrator

  • Marks the end of personality stereotypes and avoids the static labelling of personality types
  • Provides diversity among mental functions
  • Integrates with the EQ-i 2.0
  • Offers a unique combination of personality combined with a Flex Index measuring resilience and agility
  • Measures aspects of personality – what is natural and what is demonstrated
  • Identifies gaps in performance
  • Offers a Workplace lens and a Leadership lens
  • Features a response sliding bar that takes away the commonly used forced choice

How will you be able to use the Pearman?
The Pearman Personality Integrator is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of settings. It can be used by employers through administrators working in HR and organisational development, consultants and and coaches.The Pearman can be used to evaluate current functioning, gain understanding of how patterns of behaviour are influencing the way one works, and leverage flexibility when developing skills in areas of opportunity. Coaching is facilitated by both client and coach reports, which allow participants to readily see connections between personality factors and their behaviour.

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What is the cost of the certification?
The fee for certification course will be S$ 3,200.00.

Benefits of Pearman Certification:

  • Learn about the theory behind the Pearman Personality Integrator
  • Learn how to interpret a Pearman report
  • Learn how to provide meaningful feedback to your clients
  • Understand how the Pearman report provides leadership focused results