Resilience – Leveraging on Empathy in Crisis

In two weeks' time, I will be celebrating my 6th month of recovery from a brain tumour. While the number does not suggest a long duration, the whole ordeal compounded with emotional stress has certainly made it feel like an eternity.

Resilience – Leveraging on Empathy in Crisis2017-04-14T23:30:46+08:00

Resilience – Responding in the Moment of Demand

Last time, we overviewed resilience and proposed a multi-pronged response involving mental toughness, emotional self-awareness and volitional decisiveness as key to developing resilience. We also proposed emotional self-awareness as a starting point, since without the acknowledgement of stress, resilience strategies and other effective responses will not be deployed. Here are 5 steps to take: Acknowledge

Resilience – Responding in the Moment of Demand2017-04-14T23:30:46+08:00

Are You Tough Enough?

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Tom’s colleagues have started to side-line him ever since he raised a question about a popular proposal which favoured an influential segment of the company.  A senior colleague seems to be playing a political game with Tom, maintaining a cordial front but insinuating his incompetence and lack of cooperation

Are You Tough Enough?2017-04-14T23:30:46+08:00