EQi 2.0

Kandidata Finland recently held our first EQi 2.0 certification in Helsinki. The new EQi 2.0 is so much better than the original EQi in both design, applicability and ease of use. The theory has been further developed and resonates very well with the reality of businesses and organizations. Even if you are already qualified as

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BFM 89.9 Radio interview

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak on the topic of emotional intelligence - and the new EQi 2.0 - on Malaysia's leading business radio station, BFM 89.9. During the 15 minute interview we spoke about the effect of EQ in Asia, and how to effectively measure and develop emotional intelligence at work.

BFM 89.9 Radio interview2017-04-14T23:30:56+08:00
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