Acknowledgement, Appreciation & Affirmation

Acknowledgement lets someone know you notice their presence and contribution. Appreciation says, “Thank You” for their efforts. Affirmation takes acknowledgement and appreciation further by reinforcing the desired behaviours of the other person. So, how do you practice Affirmation? Many people confuse Affirmation with Praise, or even Flattery. What’s the difference? Very simply, Flattery is largely

Acknowledgement, Appreciation & Affirmation2017-04-14T23:30:45+08:00

“It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business!”

Have you watched the reality show "The Apprentice" by US Presidential-hopeful Donald Trump? “It’s not personal, it’s just business!” was his trademark line as he dismissed contestants from the show. In the same vein, many organisations operate with the assumption that professionalism requires an emotional detachment from the work; therefore, a negative result or critical

“It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business!”2017-04-14T23:30:45+08:00
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