So, we are well into the new year of 2014 and I am proud to say that we have kicked off the new year with great activity. Emotional Intelligence has been on the agenda for some 20 years now and it continues to prove itself as a major cornerstone of good leadership competencies.

New research and new studies keep being produced in all corners of the world and the interest from both public and private organizations keep raising. There is a general acceptance that Emotional Intelligence is a key human competence that is important for all of us both at home and at work. Over the last couple of years we have seen Emotional Intelligence and the tool EQi2.0 being used in a variety of settings and for different purposes. From changing the culture in large corporations, to leadership development, team development and selection of candidates for promotions or for a certain position. From looking at cultural differences between nurses in a large hospital, assessing and developing EQ in educational settings to evaluating social emotional competencies for teachers and children in an orphanage. It is, to say the least , very exciting and rewarding to work with Emotional Intelligence and watch the positive outcome of, at times, even minor interventions.

During the coming months Kandidata Asia will offer EQi 2.0 certifications in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore to give more people the opportunity to become certified and incorporate Emotional Intelligence and the tool EQi2.0 in their portfolios. We will also add more trainers to make the certifications available in local languages in several new countries. We are also sponsoring events in Manila and Singapore where we will address the ever important subject of EQ and ROI.

You are most welcome!

In my next blog I will address the importance of EI in organizations and how EI affects the corporate climate. Steve Stein who has written a book on the subject: “Make Your Workplace Great” has kindly written an Article for Kandidata Asia that will be published on this blog.