A recent inhouse study by Kandidata of EQ scores across a a sample of high-level managers found that those who were more successful also tended to have higher EQ scores. The top-level performing managers had higher overall EQ scores than those who were rated as not successful.

The top performers scored much better in areas such as interpersonal skills, assertiveness, well being and stress management. These findings suggest that the real star performers at high levels are are able to cope well with stress, have very strong interpersonal skills and lead balanced, satisfied lives.

Fortunately, unlike IQ, EQ can be developed. Those who do not have it can get it and those who already have it can improve it.  It is not easy, there are no shortcuts but it is becoming increasingly evident that improving your EQ is among the the most important things you can do to advance your career as a manager.

Maria Amerstorfer our Managing Director in Singapore recently gave a much appreciated talk on EQ and Leadership for a large group of Business Analysts. So EQ plays a role even when it comes to business analysis.