Finland is a modern and progressive country and the interest for EI is growing rapidly. This was evident when I recently visited Finland and I would like to share  some innovative ways of using the EQi 2.0 that Finnish companies are doing.

A large sales training company will shift their sales training from more traditional sale skills based training to focus on Emotional Intelligence. Many research studies show that sales can be significantly improved if the essential EI skills that a particular sales person needs to be successful, are identified and and trained. This company are convinced that EI skills are crucial and they will start using the EQi 2.0 and coach each salesperson in their programs based on his or her individual needs. We will follow this company with great interest.

The Finnish government has an in house educational center that trains managers and staff working in different capacities for the Finnish Government. They tailor highly qualified leadership and management trainings for the 85.000 employees that work for the Government. The leaders and trainers of this in-house organization are highly trained themselves and their knowledge of EI and the impact it can have on well being and productivity impressed me. I am not Finnish but  I would have been proud if I were, to learn that the Government is using tax money in such an informed and competent way.

The public sector in Singapore and particularly the Ministry of Education are long time clients of Kandidata Asia and users and supporters of EI and the EQi.

Finnish and Singaporian school children score among the highest on the yearly PISA tests that measure school children´s performance. Maybe that has something to do with the quality of the school systems funded by the two governments?