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I am pleased to share the following press release on our launch of EQ Europe.


EQ Europe launches to help bridge gap between Asia and Europe

 Highly regarded expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence and executive coaching, Dr. Margareta Sjölund, today announced the launch of EQ Europe, a new umbrella company that aims to foster stronger relationships between European HR practices and opportunities in Asia. EQ Europe, which has been operating in Sweden and Finland under the brand Kandidata Finland since 2000, is a sister company to Kandidata Asia, the top Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment, training and consulting organization – and the first and most experienced provider of the celebrated EQi assessment tool.

As the distributor of the Canadian EQi assessments, EQ Europe will share the same values and high level practices as Kandidata Asia has been reputed for since first launching in 2001.

EQ Europe is spearheaded by Regional Manager Mattias Strandberg, a psychologist and expert on Emotional Intelligence. . Says Strandberg, “I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting new concept and strongly believe that EQ Europe is going to bring about big change in the European HR scene – helping leaders be better by introducing higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, the ties between Europe and Asia puts us at the forefront of a world trend – inspiring Asian youth and leaders to not only focus on academic achievements, which are important, but also grow that all-important Emotional Intelligence – thus creating workplaces that foster success and healthy attitudes towards everyday challenges.”

Dr. Sjölund agrees, “EQ Europe aims to put the importance of Emotional Intelligence for creating high performing organizations on the map. Emotional Intelligence assessments are an inexpensive, simple and very effective way to impact recruitments, staff and leadership development and to create high performing organizations. EQ Europe assists companies with selecting and developing their staff and leaders to become more Emotionally Intelligent – specifically for their industry and particular positions.”

EQ Europe is headquartered in Helsinki Finland with additional offices in Stockholm and soon Norway. Kandidata Asia has its head office in Singapore.

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