1. An Ang Pow with a token monetary gift to all staff (particularly junior staff)
  2. A handwritten “Thank You”   card
  3. A lunch with your key staff or colleagues
  4. (If you’re the boss) A phone call to each of your key staff’s spouses praising the staff and thanking the spouse for their support this past year
  5. Sharing homemade Christmas goodies (like cakes, cookies, pastries, etc)
  6. A Christmas cracker for each person, to pop as you break for the Christmas holiday
  7. A mini Christmas tree for everyoneTree
  8. A card expressing affirmation for the staff’s key contributions (see next blog for more on affirmation)
  9. A company souvenir for each staff
  10. Cracking open a bottle (or two) of bubblies to celebrate as an office team (be sure to have non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice for those who don’t drink)
  11. Have a birthday cake for all those born in December
  12. Present a token award to all staff hired in December
  13. Have a festive attire day
  14. Hire a Santa Claus to come to the office for a day (or an hour)
  15. A personal word to key staff expressing a desire and commitment to build a stronger working relationship.
  16. Gourmet ice cream vouchers for your staff
  17. Have an extended lunch and invite a speaker to share on the benefits of Essential Oils. Staff may purchase Essential Oil gift packs at a discounted price.
  18. A personalized and signed letter of appreciation from the CEO
  19. Free rolls of Christmas wrappers that staff may help themselves to
  20. A selection of Reindeer Ears, Elf Hats and other novelties for everyone to wear for a day. Let them bring it home too!
  21. How about gifting an EQ-i 2.0 assessment (with feedback) to someone? Alright, this will cost more than $10 but we just had to include this idea! That’s also why its number 21. 🙂 Contact info@kandidataasia.com and we’d be delighted to help you out. You may even receive a Christmas discount!

Concerned that this is only a once-off effort?  Our next blog will show you how to make it sustainable.